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شرکت فیلم سازی ایران و اروپا

Europe & Pars Film is a production company committed to helping independent films of various genres and budgets. The company also helps filmmakers distribute their films internationally after completion.

The main goal of Europe & Pars Film is to help emerging filmmakers with the production of their first feature film.

The company was founded and is run by the experienced film producer Amir SeyedZadeh.

About Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh

Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh was born on april 1965 in Mashhad. He started his official activity in 2005 by producing the series “Smell of Wild Flowers”. Until 2009, they had various series and TV movies on the national television, and since 1996, with the investment in the movie We Live Only Twice, he entered the field of cinema.

He has produced  16 movies, 10 videos, about 10,000 minutes of serials and 10 TV movies.

He has also produced two international films, the Autumn Memories and the Sleeping City.

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Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh, a cinema producer, said about the online screening of his films during the Corona era: “I don’t know if we were successful in showing online or not, that’s why I prefer to take my films to the cinema, even if the reopening takes another year, after that.” I have the opportunity to…

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The need for stories like “paytakht 6” to enter the cinema

Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh spoke about the reason for appearing in the series “paytakht 6”, its critical view and the need for such subjects to enter the cinema. Mr. Seyedzadeh, is the character of Haji “Paytakht “really an honorable person? This character is true according to the oath he took and the creed. Naghi is also somewhat…

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Reset is Mohammad Reza Lotfi’s first feature film?

After announcing the names of the films in the New Look section of the Fajr Film Festival, the question has been raised that some of the directors are not the first film and have produced several of their works. One of these directors is Mohammad Reza Lotfi, who is attending the festival with the movie…

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