Ali Ahmadzadeh is a director and writer. Ali Ahmadzadeh was born in 1986 in Tehran.  Despite his architectural skills, his interest in music led him to graduate from Neinava University of Music.  He is also a film graduate of the Young Cinema Association


Short Films

  • 2007: Achmaz / Pinned, Fiction, 11 min, DV, Colour, Iran
  • 2009: Advantage, Fiction, 23 min, HDV, Colour, Iran
  • 2011: Collage, Fiction, 20 min, HD, Colour, Iran
  • 2012: Zanjan, Fiction, 40 min, HD, Colour, Iran

First Film

  • 2013: Kami’s Party (Mehmouniye Kami) Fiction, 80 min, Iran


  • 17th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia. November 15-December 01, 2013. « Competitive Section »
  • 3rd Prague, Iranian Film Festival, Czech Republic. January 08-12, 2014. « Competitive Section »
  • 6th Pan-Asia Film Festival, London, UK. February 26-March 09, 2014. »Competitive Section »
  • 5th Middle East Now Film Festival, Florence, Italy. April 09-14, 2014. « Competitive Section »
  • 1st Iranian Film Festival, Koln, Germany. May 29 – June 01, 2014. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • 2nd Iranian Film Festival Cinema(s) d’Iran, Paris, France. June 06-17, 2014. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • 7th Annual Iranian Film Festival, San Francisco, USA. September 27-28, 2014. »Competitive section »
  • 11ème Festival International du Film Transsaharien de Zagora, Maroc. Du 20-25 Octobre 2014. « Competitive section »
  • 4th Iranian Film Festival, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne/Australia. October 03-November 09, 2014. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival, UK. February 2015. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • 1st Zürich Iranian Film Festival, Switzerland. May 28-June 03, 2015. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • Revelation Perth International Film festival, Australia. July 02-12, 2015. «Non-Competitive Festival »


« A genuine surprises through the sort of films we are unaccustomed to seeing in general, let alone Iran. The first is Ali Ahmadzadeh’s peculiar « Atomic Heart, » a film which begins with a duo of ambling, well-to-do young women as they return from a party. Inevitably, Richard Linklater’s « Before » trilogy and « Certified Copy » spring to mind-only for Ahmadzadeh to take a sharp turn into philosophical sci-fi around the midway point, complete with multiple realities and Saddam Hussein »James Berclaz-Lewis, Indiewire

  •  Boston Festival of Film From Iran, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA. «Non-Competitive Festival » Screening dates: January 28 & 29, 2016.
  •  Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival, Scotland, UK. February 19-21, 2016. Venue: Filmhouse Cinema, «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • Iranian Film Festival, Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC, USA. From January 02 – February 28, 2016.

Screening date: February 28, 2016 at American Film Institute (AFI), Silver Theatre, Washington DC. «Non-Competitive Festival »

« You’ve never seen an Iranian movie like this,” wrote Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News, “nor probably any movie quite like it, either.” In this surreal Tehran nocturne, two drunk party girls get into a car accident and receive help from a mysterious stranger (played by Mohammad Reza Golzar, an unnervingly dead ringer for George Clooney). He pays off the other driver and enlists the girls in an errand involving a supposedly dead dictator, whose weapons of mass destruction are hidden in another dimension.
With its apocalyptic and supernatural overtones—and surprising pop culture references ranging from an obscure Pink Floyd album to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”—Ali Ahmadzadeh’s film paints a picture of contemporary Iran like no other. »
Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News.
  • 11th Osaka Asian Film Festival, Japan. March 4 -13, 2016. « Special Screening » section.
  • Movies that Matter Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 18-26, 2016. «Non-Competitive » section
  • Center For Asian American Media (CAAM) San Francisco, USA. March 10-20, 2016. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, USA. November 14-15, 2016. «Non-Competitive Festival »
  • 3rd FILMADRID International Film Festival, Madrid, Spain. June 8-17, 2017. «Non-Competitive » section
  • CINEMA IRAN-Iranisches Filmfestival München, Germany. July 12-16, 2017. «Non-Competitive Festival »

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