Saman Salvar (born 1976) is an Iranian film director and screenwriter. He graduated from Soura University with a bachelor’s degree in film and television directing.

He is known for directing and writing the comedy “A Few Pounds of History for a Funeral”, winner of the Golden Panther and Special Jury Prize at the Locarno International Film Festival, a special jury at the Sofia International Film Festival and a Montgolfier of three. Continents Festival. His first documentary, Inhabitants of the Silent Land, won an award at the Kiev International Molodist Film Festival. His last film “We will say Amen” was released in 2016 in 5 years.


  • The wind will comb your hair, 2002 (short film)
  • This is Sony, 2002 (Documentary)
  • Sinner, 2002 (filming)
  • From the Land of Silence, 2004
  • A few kilos of dates for a funeral, 2006
  • Relaxation with Diazepam 10, 2005 (Documentary)
  • Alone Alone Tehran, 2008
  • Stories about human rights, 2008
  • Shoot at the target, 2011 (Author)
  • Thirteen 59, 1390
  • Amen we will say, 2012 (new version was published in 2016)
  • Raspberry, 2013


  • Winner of the special title of the jury – Sofia International Film Festival 2005
  • Winner of FIPRESCI Jury Prize – Kiev Molovidist International Film Festival 2005
  • Golden Leopard – Locarno International Film Festival 2006
  • Winner of Best Film and Director – Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006
  • Special Award – Batumi International Art House Film Festival 2009

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