We are planning to attend foreign festivals

Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh, the producer of the recently released documentary “Song of the Wind”, told a reporter from the Cinema Department of the Cultural Group of the Young Journalists Club about the screening of this work: “We are planning to screen this film in foreign festivals. We hope to Next year, the situation of Corona…

ادامه مطلب
سید امیر سیدزاده

Holding the Fajr Festival and wasting money

Seyed Amir Seyedzadeh, a cinema producer, said: “Considering the current situation, there has been no change in my decision and I am waiting for the physical screens to improve.” These days, thanks to coronary heart disease and the unwavering support of the authorities for the unemployment of artists, our situation is the same and production is…

ادامه مطلب